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Just a nigga with them big dreams So i got a crib with a big team Dirty old skools but the whip clean Home trained nothing profane but he spit mean I don't wanna sip lean, i dont want a ripped spleen

I already got enough stress like some ripped jeans So she wanna talk about sex I'm a big fiend For inspiration 2020 views got me seeing indications Of greatness it's feeling like ive made it

A lil screen fame got em jaded He don't even know the street name that he claiming (outrageous) Me i kick game with my neighbors, no strangers Mama i still know the dangers

We was teenagers, dreaming bout the crib with the acres Gullible giving out favors To undercover haters, damn never let em see ya anger Praying to the kid in a manger

But i am a creator This a musical theatre You could feel the bliss in the fragrance Barely high maintenance Damn You still wondering where the day went Me I keep tabs how the days spent

Tripping when I pay rent Making music hope it make cents Stack a couple hundred in the basement Hope u feel adjacent, we could double up and take shit I aint really fuckin with that fake shit

I be on my dame shit 4th quarter yeah thats game bitch Better stay there if you lane switched See me copping plane ticks, i'm still working if i take trips Can't believe I used to be on lame shit

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